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Thursday, February 10, 2011

(long endured sigh)...

i love teen shows... but i hate when they have to add in some time or another where one of the girls on the show has to accidentally get pregnant... and it actually bothers me, because for 2 reasons... 1. is because everytime they show it, its the same thing...pretty much the guy leaves when the girl wont abort the baby. 2.because it makes me think, would my mom have tried to abort me? and its a question i've always asked myself...and i wish i had someone to relate on this... because all my friends have either married or divorced parents,but that was a different cause, like i cant talk to them bout it...the reason mine arent together is because they dropped me with my dad's parents and my mom was now gone from the picture...i've gotta tell you though livin with my grandparents could've been the best thing in my life that happened to me, but it wouldve been nice to have both of them in my life at once... now DO NOT get me wrong, i LOVE my stepmom...she's the most amazin person in my life right now, and always will be...and i know she knows it, she did all she could to fill that empty space in my life since i was a kid, and i'm grateful for that everyday of my life.

but you highschool born kids are not alone... it hurts... A LOT... it makes you feel like youre different, like it's your fault that your parents broke up, or something of the sort. but its not our fault our parents weren't careful and didn't use protection. but if they didnt then we amazin people wouldnt be here... just never think that's it our fault...

lovage to ya,
my people!

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