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Monday, February 7, 2011


hey yall...well i made a crazy big decision today... its not that i had to choose one or the other, its just that i couldnt have done both...i dont think my mental stability couldve taken it...i had to choose to play soccer with my highschool, or do the spring musical... and i LOVE BOTH sports and the arts...but sometimes i feel like my family doesnt get that i love both...and i want to do both, but today i had to make a choice which one i would do,because i knowi would have to choose just one... so i chose soccer... not because there was a huge PRESSURE put upon my shoulders to play but the fact i missed it after so long without playin... though i was lookin forward to havin a bigger role this year in the spring musical... (long dramatic sigh) i guess i'm glad i chose what chose...and i could tell my dad was proud,and that's all i could ask for... i guess we'll see how it works out...
lovage to ya..

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