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Thursday, November 25, 2010

life at school...

ok...so aquinas high school,
its a small school, private and expensive,and full of people who i really dont like.
 we had an ok football season... football guys act as if they are kings of the school, though other sports are definately higher up on the social standard scale if you ask me...soccer is pretty kickin' (no pun intended)...baseball? well we got pretty far last year, but our team isnt big or strong enough to hold out against the bigger schools in our region... but what sets me apart from the rest of the students is...im different. i wasnt "born wearin khakis and polos." im not one of the stupid preppy kids that think theyre so freakin cool, that they hold their noses so high in the air that it looks like they smell somethin nasty.im that kid off to the side, that people notice but dont aknowledge. that scene kid, the one actually different one in the school, thats not afraid to express myself... but only another year and a half...i hope i can survive...
lovage to ya!

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