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Monday, March 28, 2011

one and only!

hey yall!!
so lately and in the past since my mom is back in the picture of my messed up life...people like to compare me to my mom and dad... i guess some good stuff...i didnt turn out that bad :P haha well, i turned out changin over the course of my life...but for my personality it has stayed the same.

compared to mom- so of couse the first thing you think of when you see us together, we look A LOT alike. thats a given. but everyone also says we have similar personalities...NEWS FLASH!!! NO WE DONT!!! i have different views, im religious, im a whole lot of other things she isnt... but yes in our other ways we are alike.

compared to dad- and yes me and him look alike too...i apparently got his temper, athletic ability(a big part), COMPETITIVENESS, and some other things...

and sometimes they say(the adults who know both my parents)"youre the daughter of eric and amanda!" i think yea WHATS YOUR POINT?!!
but you know combinin all these qualities makes one thing... PEYT CASE!!! im my own person, im not one or the other...im not more of one and less of the other...im ME...the one and only...
just thought i would clear that up...

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  1. holi crap i forgot to put lovage to ya!!!