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Monday, March 7, 2011

livin life :)

hey yall!!!!
so have you ever had a sufficiently awkward day when you know you see someone comment about you because they look up at you as they talk?
from my observation throughout the day, i saw this about 20 times!! i swear if people have nothin goin on their lives during the day, and in&out the hallways then they need to find somethin to fill up the empty space in your life. well the best part of livin the famous peytcase lifestyle, is that if you live it, then youre bold enough to go up to the people who are talkin crap bout people and confront them...

im not conceited but there is one rule i live by that i love!! the one where i really dont care what people think and they put it in my suggestion box if they want to say anything. i mean really, people actually think i care what they say! and i laugh in their faces!!!! because seriously? why should anyone care what someone else cares about?! they shouldnt!! life is way to short to care what other people think :) sssooo...
my wonderful followers.... take this into consideration..

lovage to ya!

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