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Monday, March 28, 2011

an interestin point...

hey yall!!!
so i know its late on a monday night of all nights?! but i thought i would talk bout somethin im prob gonna see tomorrow...well hear, not really see...but people(my fellow friends and students)since freshman year people try to generalize me...and stereotype me...i like to wear a lot of black...thats just the way i am...but when people think its all i ever wear they are mistaken...and so today i come in with an indigo colored top, khaki skirt, black tank top, and black strap sandles... so everyone freaks out like oh my gosh you look girly! i was like STFU!!!! for one...before you saw me wear this i wore a black skirt and black shirt...is that not girly? im pretty damn sure it is!!! just because its not pink girly doesnt mean its anythin but. so yea people i wear different colors other than black, especially since the spring and summer is comin!!! kthanks biznitches...im tired so ill post some more stuff later!!

lovage to ya!

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