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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a piece of life...

ok yall, i know youve had to deal with different kind of people...you know the ones, the preppy ones who give you the look like "who the hell do you think you are?",the prejudice ones, the ones who start drama and cant end it, the ones who obsess over their ex, the ones who think when they break up the world will stop for them,the ones who put you down,the liars,cheaters,and loud mouths, the ones who take your heart out of your chest stab it stomp it and put it back in but you cant help but still love em anyway,the ones that break you down into nothing... and all of us out there who have/had to deal with these people are the ones that will look back on them and wont pity them because they chose to be this way,until they swallow their pride... its the way this world goes...just thought id let you know...
lovage to ya!

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