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Saturday, November 27, 2010

take a hint...

ok, so people really piss me off sometimes... if theres nothin i hate more than stereotypes,its posers,wanna-bes,& copiers... ok well posers arent that bad, they just want to be exactly like the person theyre posin as...but their intensions are good...wanna-bes are kinda the same...but when someone starts to copy you,after you tell them somethin...its really freakin annoyin...now im not one for gettin mad at people for copyin a couple things,but its completely wanna-be when you try and copy a personality... im one person...im a rebel,i love fire,i dont label myself but i cross myself as a mix of emo/scene,i make my own rules,and i dont follow schools rules-i find loopholes... im flattered but there only needs to be one peytcase, no partial, no almosts,no plagerized... so as i said im flattered but no one gets the copyrights to be me ;)
lovage to ya!

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