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Thursday, February 3, 2011


ok yall.... so this is how it goes down... my family are huge sports people... through my 16 years of life i have transitioned from soccer to volleyball to softball...we are very competitive. and dont get me wrong i love playin sports, because i'm a VERY comptitive person also. i do whatever it takes to be #1. to be the shinnin one once and a while...because once you see how fast i catch on to a sport, i shine. not tryin to be conceited. because i'm really not. but after my recent softball season ended some of my friends tried to hastle me bout playin soccer again...and i loved soccer foever!!! i still love it, but when some how i dont know, i feel like i'm not good enough anymore to play in highschool. because all i did before was a traveling team called "the patriots" who are now the bulls which is kiinda stupid, and is a competitor of my little sisters' team who is arsenal...but as everyone knows any sport in highschool is very competitive to get into than it is for club team. in a way i'm kind of excited about it.... uuggghhhh....

lovage to ya!

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