Hey yall!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

this is just me....

hey yall!
ok so yall know how stubborn of a person i am? and if you dont, you do now! i am more stubborn than both y parents combined...which if you knew them then you would think im the absolute most stubborn person!!! so my friends and i went out yesterday had a good time...now today they want me to go skatin, but (other than fallin off of a porch into some flowers) now im outta ca$h and told em i couldnt come...then one friend said she would pay for me, but my pride wouldnt let me...i kept insistin that i didnt want to go, and other excuses but then the other friend said that it was like payin for drivin everyone around yesterday... so i finally gave in, because it seemed fair. but i seriously hate it when someone has to pay for me...i mean except my parents, its their job, but that doesnt count...im talkin bout friends or their parents... anyway that was just one of my rantings on bout my pride and stubborness...

lovage to ya!

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