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Sunday, January 23, 2011

if anyone wonders...

hey yall! so my blog hasnt quite picked up yet... but im sure it will... even if it doesnt, i dont really care because its my blog and i can pour myself out in it...so if anyone was wonderin who that adorable boy is in profile pic?????
well he is my uber sweet, awesome, fun to joke around with, guy friend...and you can totally see that we goof off because we were playin in the apple store here in the aug, ga....and me and him became a lot closer this year as juniors in highschool, than we did as freshman or sophomores. and holy crap he effin loves lady gaga!! XD and he is so sweet and innocent, and like freakin nice?! not like those stupid man-ho guys out there who are "nice",you know the ones who just act nice to get close to a girl just to get what he wants...no dude this kid is freakin nice...like ive never seen him get mad before, hes that kind to turn the other shoulder, and just has that essence of bein the better person. i admire him for that...he can be a little wacky sometimes, especially when he opens up and you get him off on a subject... so thats just an overview of one my really good guy friends.

lovage to ya!!

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